I met Erica a little over 5 years ago when I first moved to Chicago.  A mutual acquaintance (one of the biggest representatives in the plastic surgery industry) told me about her.  I started going to Erica in 2002 and will not let anyone else touch my face.  I am constantly complimented on how great I look, how young I look, and how radiant my skin is, but the best part is that no one can guess my age!  I give the credit to Erica and the wonderful services she provides.  I have taken a number of friends to see her as well as out-of-town guests.  I believe in her services and highly recommend you give her a try!        

Chicago, IL

I’ve been getting treatments with Erica since 2001.  The word that defines the total, overall experience of Original Skin is “generous.”  Erica is generous with her time, skill, skin altering “gadgets” and her vast array of knowledge.  I always leave with pearls of wisdom about ways to stay young and healthy, most of which I’ve incorporated into my life as they have proved extremely effective.  And because of how much I get for the amount I spend, I happily prioritize those monthly treatments into my budget.                   

Evanston, IL

I work in a busy, upscale North Shore salon as a make-up and brow artist.  My clients have access to the best in the medical and beauty industries, and they’re constantly asking me what I know and who is the “best.”  I’m in the position to refer to a number of experts, but because of where I am and the profile of client I serve, I can only refer to Erica Trojan for skin treatments.

Wheeling, IL

I have been a client of Erica’s at Original Skin since October 2002, and my skin looks better now than ever.  I was recently at a party and was speaking to one of my daughter’s teachers.  I happened to mention that I was 37 when my son was born, and she gave me a funny look (she knew that my son is now in 5th grade).  She said, “You’re not 40 yet, are you?” When I told her I was 48, she was shocked (she thought I was 37 or 38)!  I have always said I would never have plastic surgery and some of my friends tell me, “Never say never.”  But with my treatments at Original Skin I know I can say that I will never have plastic surgery – my skin looks and feels great!            
Chicago, IL

"You've had work done, haven't you?"  I can't begin to count the number of times I have been asked that question since going to Original Skin, where I have been a faithful client for the past five years.  Whether they are passersby’s on the street, curious friends or even the owner of a top beauty salon on the North Shore, everyone wants to know my secret.   I'm 53 and have been told I look 42; I don't have a line on my face.  Even my teenage son, who was looking at a picture of me from 20 years ago, said "Mom, you've never looked better, so much younger now."  I would sacrifice many things, but I would never give up Erica.      

S. Murphy
Winnetka, IL

I have been going to Erica for about seven years now.  Her studio is warm and welcoming and the parking is easy. She usually does three (or more) separate treatments to my face and the price is right!  Her charges are well below that which one would pay at a doctor's office or salon and the treatment is far superior. Not only is she great at what she does, but she is knowledgeable in nutrition and the range of  skin products as well.  So when I go for a facial I usually walk away with not only wonderful skin but also a tidbit about nutrition, vitamins, etc.  It's a great experience!               

Mary Elenz, Northbrook, IL

Whenever somebody says that I have great skin, I credit Original Skin and Erica Trojan.   Whenever my friends ask for a “staying young” recommendation, Erica is first on the list.  Whenever I feel down, attend a function, or need a little TLC, Erica’s on my speed dial!                             

Betty Moirano,  Chicago, IL



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