Original Skin by Erica Trojan provides a variety of non-invasive therapies including:

  • High-percentage chemical peels
  • Mechanical exfoliation techniques such as microdermabrasion or dermaplaning
  • Laser and light therapies

Individual therapies are customized, combined, and layered to match clients’ skin needs and are performed in the relaxing atmosphere and privacy of Erica’s suburban Chicago studio.  

Original Skin Layered Therapy Treatments: Each treatment consists of a highly customized series of layered therapies performed for the price of just one!

The Signature Treatment
The Signature Treatment, comprised of three exfoliations and two forms of bio-stimulation, involves the successive removal of layers of inert, epidermal tissue while the deeper, highly active dermal layer of skin cells is stimulated to produce the agents necessary for youthful, healthy skin.  This unique treatment provides amazing skin benefits in a single session: Measurable improvements are seen in tone, texture, clarity, and facial contours.  The treatment includes the following components:

  • Steam-activated papaya enzyme peel and massage
    15 minutes
    Raw, green papaya and proteolytic enzymes bring dead protein to the surface of the skin while also providing a luxurious massage medium.

  • Customized Alpha Hydroxy Peel
    – 10 minutes

    Glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or other acid solutions are applied to prepped skin.

  • Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning
    – 20 minutes

    Vacuum-enhanced baking soda crystal exfoliation or a planning technique gently scrapes away layers of epidermal tissue.

  • Sound Skin Bio-Blend Ultrasound with Electric Stimulation
    – 15 minutes

    Ultrasound waves combined with gentle microcurrent heat up the deeper dermal layer of skin cells to promote collagen, elastin, and fibrin proteins.  Additionally, sound waves and electric stimulation drive custom cosmeceuticals into the dermis for maximum benefit, blood is drawn to the tissues, and sub-clinical muscle contractions contribute to youthful contours.

  • Low-level Laser Therapy (LEDs)
    – 24 minutes

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) utilize several wavelengths of light to heal and stimulate the healthiest to the most wounded of skin cells. Discovered by NASA for their wound healing and collagen producing properties, LEDs are finding their way into the most advanced esthetic clinics.  Similar to ultrasound therapy, LEDs have a cumulative effect on skin.

Individual Treatment Options Offered by Erica Trojan’s Original Skin™.

Erica layers many of these modalities during the clinical hour so the result is what is known as a “clinically significant, bio-active treatment,” yet each may be thoroughly enjoyed on its own.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

JetPeel™ Oxy-Hydra Dermabrasion- The newest and most advanced form of regeneration and exfoliation offered by Original Skin. The Jet Peel employs medical oxygen and infused saline solution to power exfoliate, cleanse and stimulate protein synthesis. The Jet Peel stands alone in its ability to stimulate collagen and other skin-building proteins due to the presence of oxygen and its prohibitive effect on inflammation.  In the absence of inflammation, you’ll feel and see the effect of perpendicular bundles of collagen, which create a noticeable change in skin thickness and texture. Clients report a skin-tightening impact along with clearer, brighter and more even-toned skin.   As “infusion” treatments are ever more popular, the Jet Peel is the number one choice.

Dermaplaning- There’s truly nothing like “planing” in all of medical esthetics!  “Planing” is an elegant and precise exfoliating technique requiring a refined skill that Original Skin is sought and known for. The dermaplaning method of exfoliation and stimulation is used to gently scrape away layer upon layer of inactive, dead tissue along with any fine or coarse facial hair. Studies demonstrate that dermaplaning stimulates the lower portion of dermal skin cells needed to produce the necessary ingredients that make for younger, plumper skin. Dermaplaning is the most integral step to the Signataure Treatment and MicroPeel procedure, and once the skin has been thoroughly planed from the top of your brow to the base of your neck, your skin is so soft that it’s barely recognizable as your own.

Microdermabrasion-  The mainstay in medical esthetics! Introduced to the U.S. in 1998 from Italy, microdermabrasion exfoliates via diamond tips or baking soda crystals along with vacuum suction to sweep away top layers of skin to uncover younger, plumper skin cells.  Your skin is instantly renewed and visibly more toned and even-textured; your “age spots” are softened; finer lines are decreased; pore size is minimized; and oily and acneic conditions are greatly improved. As with the Jet Peel and dermaplaning, once your skin has been deeply dermabraded, other treatments that follow are far more effective.

Chemical Peeling- Original Skin offers a variety of chemical solutions at different strengths for exfoliating and clarifying skin that are specific to your skin type, condition and time of year.  The more well-known are alpha and beta hydroxyl acids such as glycolic, lactic and salicylic, as well as mixture acids such as Jessner or Modified Jessner peel solutions. Each alpha or beta hydroxyl acid or enzyme has its own unique properties, customized for your treatment.  As a stand alone and as part of a layered treatment, chemical peels exfoliate, improve and correct tone, texture, address clarity and “brown spots,” minimize pore size, and are an effective option for oily, acne-prone skin.  At Original Skin, chemical peel solutions, however, are universally layered with other treatments.

SoundSkin BioBlend UltraSound/E-StimTherapy- Commonly used as an adjunct therapy proceeding, all of the exfoliating methods Original Skin employs, ultrasound therapy is used to infuse custom cosmeceuticals deep into the dermal layer of skin cells to activate key anti-aging processes. Ultrasound therapy accomplishes four major goals: drives inactive ingredients into oil gland and dermal cells; heats up the key, lower layer of cells thereby creating a “thermal” event, which stimulates collagens and other youthful proteins; carries blood flow to the tissue bringing oxygen and nutrients; and through the use of added micro-current a subtle muscle contraction occurs, which is beneficial for youthful contouring of the face. UltraSound/E-Stim is experienced as a warm, stress-reducing massage, and most likely you will fall asleep or become lulled into a relaxed meditation lasting 15 minutes.

LED Photo Therapy- Light Emitting Diode Therapy was discovered by NASA and enthusiastically brought into esthetic medicine as a way to activate cells and produce youthful proteins such as collagen, fibrin and elastin. Any time key proteins are stimulated through heat, sound, or light wavelengths, you will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and experience improved clarity, tone and texture. Used as another adjunct therapy, you will comfortably lie under a hood of red and blue wavelengths after ultrasound and enjoy a second chance to deeply relax while receiving a powerful anti-aging treatment!

BioMedic Clinical Skin Care-  Original Skin dispenses LaRoche Posay BioMedic skin care as the primary and necessary home-care component to clinical skin work. Considered the leader in physician-dispensed skin care, BioMedic has a full range of non-negotiable, customized, state of the art formulas for all skin types and conditions. BioMedic has an internationally known research department and launches highly effective products to clinics and med-spas world-wide.  You will find elegant preparations of glycolic, salicylic, retinols, bleaching agents, state of the art sunscreens and peer-reviewed new products.

Face and Body Contouring Treatments

Diamond Medi-Lift-  Have you ever had the desire to exercise your face as a way to look younger and not have to use Botox?  The Medi-Lift technology does just that and is the most superior non-surgical approach to face lifting found in med-spas.  Imported from Australia, this scientifically proven treatment produces vibration and muscular contraction at the highest levels of efficiency and in a systematic form replaces an intense workout for the face and body. In a series of treatments, Medi-Lift therapy “takes your face and body to the gym” as it tightens and shortens deep and superficial muscle layers, increases and revitalizes healthy blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic flow by creating the movement of exercise. The Diamond Medi-Lift utilizes four proprietary types of current for the purposes of re-educating body and facial muscles, subtracting years from your appearance. What you will experience in a series of treatments is the dissolution and re-positioning of fat and the re-education of your facial and body muscles back to their youthful condition. Why paralyze muscles when you can tighten them?

Basic Endermologie- Imported from France in 1996, Endermologie, or sub-dermal massage, heralded in the first medical treatments for non-surgical solutions to cellulite and body contouring. Endermologie is a brilliant tool in the fight against cellulite as it employs a suction, skin-fold massagetargeting connective and fat tissue while encouraging the mobilization of fatty acids otherwise “stuck” in static areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Along with a reduction in cellulite and a far-improved physique, Endermologie gives the added benefit of a deep tissue, neuro-muscular massage which clients love!

Advanced Endermologie- Ultrasound/e-stim therapy is used prior to Endermologie to introduce active ingredients (aminophyline, caffeine, cinnaminac acid) to the targeted areas in order to stimulate and heat up adipose and connective tissue. Ultrasound/E-stim sensitizes and prepares the affected areas to more fully accept and respond to sub-dermal massage.  Original Skin was the first to supercharge Endermologie results by combining ultrasound and e-stim.

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